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[Frama-c-discuss] problem with installation of Frama-C Beryllium (2) for Mac OS X 10.5.8


> I got another error. The make didn't go through because of the following
> error:
> Linking ? ? ?bin/ptests.byte
> File "ptests/", line 57, characters 6-15:
> Error: This expression has type
> ? ? ? ? ?temp_dir:string -> string -> string -> string
> ? ? ? but an expression was expected of type string -> string -> string
> make: *** [bin/ptests.byte] Error 2

The explanation and fix for this one is there:

The fix is included in the latest released Frama-C version, so
everything's fine until the next OCaml release (which we already know
will break compilation of 20100401, but we will try to do a better job
of updating Frama-C this time when it happens).

> Before writing this email, I decided to try once more installing Beryllium
> binaries. And surprisingly it worked. :)

Good! That's settled then. There should be a Snow Leopard binary
package for 20100401 (Boron) soon, but the courageous people who
compile from source have already found a couple of interesting bugs,
so I will only start packaging after these have been fixed.