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[Frama-c-discuss] GUI - Opening a file (Windows XP)


I came across the same issue(Access Denied) while using a recent version 
of cygwin (1.7.7)
and frama-c binary Windows bundle Boron-20100401-Why 2.26.

The problem comes from cygwin and seems to be that /usr/bin/gcc is a 
symbolic link and not an actual file.

To solve it, either replace the /usr/bin/gcc symbolic link by its final 
target, which is
/usr/bin/gcc-4.exe on my system:

$ rm /usr/bin/gcc
$ cp /usr/bin/gcc-4.exe /usr/bin/gcc.exe

or use a custom frama-c -cpp-command (as Pascal suggested) :

$ frama-c -cpp-command "gcc-4.exe -C -E -I." first.c

No guarantee, but both these options worked for me. This issue seems 
related to

< at>


Vijay Suman a ?crit :
> Hello,
> OS: Windows XP
> Shell: Cygwin (same behavior on command-prompt too)
> I opened the GUI using the normal command frama-c-gui from Cygwin.
> When I try to open a C file (the beginner example file on the website, 
> first.c), it says that there was an
> error and I have to see the console.
> The error being displayed on the console is that "Access is denied".
> Even when running the tool from the command line, it throws an error 
> while running gcc.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> 321075 at 01HW293771 /cygdrive/e/Vijay/VS_Share/Installables/Frama-C
> $ frama-c first.c
> [kernel] preprocessing with "gcc -C -E -I.  first.c"
> Access is denied.
> [kernel] user error: failed to run: gcc -C -E -I.  -o 
> ~1\Temp\first.c23904f.i" "first.c"
>                      you may set the CPP environment variable to 
> select the prop
> er preprocessor command or use the option "-cpp-command".
> [kernel] user error: skipping file "first.c" that has errors.
> [kernel] Frama-C aborted because of an invalid user input.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> Firstly, I do not understand the error. Especially, given that it 
> created the file inside Temp
> and the intermediate file was read by it before that.
> Secondly, it suggests using the -cpp-command option, which does not 
> produce any output if I input
> $frama-c -cpp-command first.c
> But I do not know where to put this option when typing in the 
> following. All places seem to be wrong!
> frama-c -slevel 10 -val first.c
> Can somebody help?
> Thank you.
> -- 
> Thanks and Regards,
> Vijay
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