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[Frama-c-discuss] New Frama-C version: Fluorine

  • Subject: [Frama-c-discuss] New Frama-C version: Fluorine
  • From: anne.pacalet at (Anne Pacalet)
  • Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2013 13:56:55 +0200
  • In-reply-to: <>
  • References: <>


First of all, many thanks for this new version of Frama-C.
The compilation of my plug-ins went smoothly, and the modification
where mainly about the Printer and the new 'category' log feature.

Nevertheless, some remarks about (little) things that are not working :

- thanks to have added Datatype.Triple, but Type.pp_ml_name seems to be
   incorrect. Bts #1127 is fixed for Datatype.pair, but Triple leads to
   Datatype.Triple.instantiate which is not recognized later on :
   Error: Unbound value Datatype.Triple.instantiate
   $ sed -i "s/Datatype.Triple.instantiate/Datatype.triple/g"
   fixes the problem.

- #1287 is said to be fixed, but in fact, frama-c.toplevel is not working
   anymore :-( It just returns and does nothing...
   Moreover, it doesn't understand the usual toplevel options like -I
   or -init. It seems to me that this is not an ocaml toplevel...
   This problem is the more serious one since I think that I have
   no idea of how to go arround :-(

- bts #1278 about the internal doc directory is said to be fixed,
   but it is not. When I do :
   $ make install-doc-code
It still install my documentation in       /usr/local/share/frama-c/doc/XXX
while the doc of the other plug-ins are in 
So the link to ../index.html (from code/intro_plugin_default.txt)
are broken.

- in the INSTALL file, the "API DOCUMENTATION" section refers to 
which is supposed to be created by "make doc". I don't find it,
and I was wondering if it is the same thing that what is installed in
/usr/local/share/frama-c/doc/code ?

That's all for now, but I decided now to try the new ocaml version,
so maybe some more problem to come... ;-)