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[Frama-c-discuss] Jessie - loop invariant preserved

  • Subject: [Frama-c-discuss] Jessie - loop invariant preserved
  • From: rovedy at (Rovedy Aparecida Busquim e Silva)
  • Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2013 16:35:23 -0200


I am learning about Jessie plugin with a simple example (source code

I have perfomed the verification according to Jessie Manual. First, I have
done the safety verification (using pragmas) and, after that, the
functional verification.

Actually, I have received a answer from list that helped me (

However, I didnt get to prove the function.

When I started to think in functional verification, my first action was to
write a pos-condition.

Then, I didn?t get prove and I inserted a loop invariant that is equal to

In this case, the pos condition was proved but the Vc related with the
"loop invariant preserved" not.

My doubts are:

1) Is my pos-condition written correctly? Would I write an annotation
similar to if statement?

2) In this function, there is only a loop. So, the pos-condition is equal
to loop invariant, is this right?

3) How I do to prove this kind of VC "loop invariant preserved"?

Thanks a lot!
Best regards,

float Tempo;
#define FALSE 0
#define TRUE 1

      unsigned int G_Ativo :1,
             G_Tratado :1;
float G_Inst_Ativ;
} G_E[5];

@ ensures  \forall integer i; 0<=i<5 ==> (G_E[i].G_Inst_Ativ <= Tempo ==>
G_E[i].G_Ativo == 1);
@ */
void test(void)
int i = 0;
  loop invariant  0 <= i <=5;
  loop invariant \forall integer i; 0<=i<5 ==>   (G_E[i].G_Inst_Ativ <=
Tempo ==> G_E[i].G_Ativo == 1);
  loop variant 5 - i;
     if(G_E[i].G_Ativo == FALSE && G_E[i].G_Inst_Ativ <= Tempo)
        G_E[i].G_Ativo = TRUE;
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