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[Frama-c-discuss] Question about get varinfo from vid


On 04/03/2014 06:08 AM, Qi Alfred Chen wrote:
> I have some question when using a Frama-c program in old version. It
> used the function varinfo_from_vid () to get varinfo.
> In the change log I saw that it has been removed and can use maps or
> hash tables indexed by varinfo to get it.
> I am not quite understand since I am new to cil and frama-c. Does it
> mean that I need to keep a (vid,varinfo) hashtable by myself and pass it
> to every function that has used variunfo_from_vid()? Or there are other
> ways to do that. If some one has example or advice, I would be really
> appreciated.

It means that anywhere you use a vid, you can use directly a varinfo 
(the vid necessarily comes from its associated varinfo). So instead of 
using a hashtbl (or a map, or a set) indexed by your vid, you can now 
use Cil_datatype.Varinfo.Hashtbl (or .Map, or .Set). Doing this change 
will simplify your code (that was at least the case for all the Frama-C 
codebase that we saw when we propagated this change).

Hope this helps,