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[Frama-c-discuss] Casting to a generic function pointer

Just to inform you, the blog post about parsing code bases such as nginx 
is online:

On 05/07/18 15:22, Andre Maroneze wrote:
> Yes, it is related to using preprocessed files. Your preprocessed file 
> must have included your system's headers, which do not include 
> Frama-C's ACSL specifications for functions such as strlen(). As such, 
> when Frama-C parses the .i files, it finds just a prototype without 
> any specifications, and it will not assume that the function called 
> strlen() in /your/ file is necessarily the one from <string.h>.
> One solution might be to rename the .i file as a .c (to ensure Frama-C 
> will preprocess it), manually add "#include <string.h>" and similar 
> files, and try to parse it again. However, this is likely to create 
> conflicts between the types in your prototypes with the ones in 
> Frama-C's libc. You may have to erase some declarations from your 
> preprocessed file.
> The overall question of parsing such code bases is interesting and 
> will be the subject of a future post in the Frama-C blog.
> The summarized version is that the reason why `cpu_set_t` is not known 
> is because it is not POSIX, and thus not present in Frama-C's libc. 
> You should manually add such a typedef or macro to define it, probably 
> based on the type used in your system. Something similar to this 
> should work:
> typedef unsigned long __cpu_mask;
> # define __NCPUBITS (8 * sizeof (__cpu_mask))
> # define CPU_SETSIZE 1024
> typedef struct {
>   __cpu_mask __bits[CPU_SETSIZE / __NCPUBITS];
> } cpu_set_t;
> These definitions are based on those found in my system's libc.
> To parse nginx, you will likely need to include other types and 
> definitions in a similar way. In the end, this step may take a 
> significant amount of time, which is one of the reasons that the 
> open-source-case-studies repository 
> ( exists: so that 
> only one person will ever have to work through this parsing stage, 
> allowing others to proceed from there.
> As a final note: it is helpful, when possible, to disable optional, 
> non-portable features from ./configure scripts, either with options 
> such as --without-<feature>, or by manually editing the generated 
> config.h file (e.g. objs/ngx_auto_config.h), and setting 
> HAVE_<FEATURE> macros to 0.
> On 04/07/18 23:17, Divya Muthukumaran wrote:
>> Thanks for the detailed answer Andre. I'm not sure if it has 
>> something to do with the fact that I am running this on preprocessed 
>> *.i files.
>> I tried to run them on the original *.c files, but that fails with:
>> [kernel] /data/nginx-1.9.14/src/os/unix/ngx_setaffinity.h:16:
>>   syntax error:
>>   Location: line 16, between columns 8 and 18, before or at token: 
>> ngx_cpuset_t
>>   15
>>   16    typedef cpu_set_t ngx_cpuset_t;
>>         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>   17
>> I did try frama-c on a toy example with the strlen and malloc calls 
>> and that works perfectly.
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