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[Frama-c-discuss] Frama-c support for dynamic memory

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your interest in Frama-C and its deductive verification plugins (WP & Jessie).
Just to complement the excellent answer by Claude, I would like to point out the following items:

 - allocation is already part of the Frama-C/WP memory models, eg. we use it for handling the scope of local variables, validity and assigns (which is somehow related to validity);
 - however,  ACSL allocation clauses (such as @allocates) are not _yet_ implemented;
 - ghost fields would also be easy to implement in the memory models;
 - ghost fields and variables can not have logical type, and implementing them in the Frama-C kernel would be a significant development — and also raises some tricky design choices!

By the way, you can find an example for singly-linked lists in this paper [1]. Note that this case study would have benefited of the support of logic types in ghost code, and that some workarounds are used to deal with this limitation, as Claude told before, dealing with memory separation is still a hard task.

Best regards,
   L. Correnson


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Hello all,

  Apologies for perhaps an unfair criticism of the WP manual.  It is really a nice document, and I have been able to prove some interesting things.  However, if we wish to use frama-c for AWS-related projects, we must have support for dynamic memory.

In looking at more of the plug-ins, it appears that Jessie is built on top of separation logic.  It is still referenced in the frama-c web site, but is it still supported?  The documentation was a bit sketchy.

Thank you all and apologies for my many emails.


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Subject: [Frama-c-discuss] Frama-c support for dynamic memory

I have made it to nearly the end of the WP tutorial.  In chapter 8, it is mentioned that “WP cannot currently work with dynamic allocation. A function that would use it could not be proved.”
I would move this to an earlier portion of the document, say, chapter 1.  This is quite disappointing.

Are there any frama-c tools that do work with dynamic allocation?

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