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[Frama-c-discuss] what to do when Frama-c tells me to submit a bug


thank you for your quick response, I have used the BTS and find it quite

I was wondering about the line (Ref. "Log.AbortError("jessie")").

Does that tell me something?



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Betreff: RE: what to do when Frama-c tells me to submit a bug

> [jessie] user error: Nothing to process. There was probably an error
> max.h:27:[jessie] failure: Unexpected exception. 
>                   Please submit bug report (Ref.
> [kernel] Plugin jessie aborted because of an internal error. 
>          Please report with 'crash' at

One of these five lines in the message printed by Frama-C on your
example is an URL . Did you go there?

> Obviously, the analysis of .h files is no longer supported and will cause
an error. 

Not necessarily. Frama-C crashed. If what you did was meant to
be unsupported, the behavior would be a message, not a crash.

> What shall I submit?

Everything necessary for a smart, but not mind-reading, human
to reproduce the bug: input files, command line used, sequence of
actions. Note that in most cases, a programmatic representation
for the sequence of actions is also generated automatically under
the name, so you can submit that instead or
in addition to a description of what you did, but it does not replace
the input files.

What you got.

This is not the case here, but sometimes the misunderstanding is
about what you were expecting instead. So for non-crash bug reports,
do not forget to describe what you were expecting to happen.

> Is there a file created by frama-c , if so, I cannot find it.
> And if there is no bugreport created by frama-c I think it would 
> be a good Idea to let frama-c create a file, I could mail to you.
> Otherwise, I would have no Idea what to post. somewhat matches your description of
a bug-report file, but it would be a bad idea to blindly send
that and expect something to happen. What you should provide
is defined by the rule "Everything necessary for a smart, 
but not mind-reading, human to reproduce the bug".

> If you have already something like a microsoft of mozilla bug reporting
> I would like to know how to use it.

You have seen that there was a URL in the message that was printed,

See also the section "Using the BTS" at
I mentioned the BTS and how more people should be using it in
a previous message.



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