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[Frama-c-discuss] Calculation of SW complexity


Le 23/09/2010 09:05, Jean-Pierre Nicolas a ?crit :
> For the "" I get now this error on the terminal.
> jean-pierre at jean-pierre-laptop:~/Bureau/ocamldoc$ make
> /usr/share/frama-c/Makefile.dynamic:180: .depend: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
> ocamlc.opt -c  -I . -w Ael -warn-error A -annot   -g -I /usr/lib/frama-c
> File "", line 23, characters 4-35:
> Error: This expression has type (unit ->  unit) Type.t
>         but an expression was expected of type (plugin:'a ->  'b) Type.t
> make: *** [hello_world.cmo] Erreur 2
> I've added the files "Makefile" and "" to this mail.

It looks like you try to link the `Hello World' example provided with 
Frama-C Boron to an older version of Frama-C. API Compatibility between 
Frama-C versions are not guaranteed: use the `Hello World' example 
provided with your version of Frama-C (given by the command "frama-c 
-version")? Old versions of Frama-C are available from (Section "Previous versions")

> Thanks for your answer. So if I've understood, it could be really difficult (perhaps impossible) to realise my destination (calculate the software complexity of a sourcecode written in C) with FRAMA-C.

For metrics like the ones you have to implement, it could be not so 
difficult. I don't remember the definitions of all these metrics and so 
what it is really required for implementing them.

Julien Signoles