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[Frama-c-discuss] Frama-C Oxygen-20120901

Hello all,

Le 19/09/2012 17:08, Julien Signoles wrote :
> We are glad to announce a new major release of Frama-C, namely 
> Oxygen-20120901.

Thanks to you all for this new version. I couldn't wait to install it !

I just had a small compilation problem :

Compiling    Qed (byte)
make[1]: ocamllex.opt : commande introuvable
make[1]: *** [] Erreur 127
make: *** [src/wp/qed/bin/Qed.cmo] Erreur 2

In config.log, I had :

configure:3127: checking for ocamllex
configure:3143: found /usr/bin/ocamllex
configure:3155: result: ocamllex
configure:3168: checking for ocamllex.opt
configure:3196: result: no

Then, I installed ocaml-native-compilers from my Ubuntu distribution,
and everything is ok now, but there is maybe something to fix there.

I then tried to recompile my plug-ins.

First of all, it seems that the script bin/ is not in
the source distribution,
but anyway, I prefer to fix things myself.

I have two questions for now :

- Kernel_function.get_spec kf disappeared and seems to be
Annotations.funspec now.
  But what about Kernel_function.set_spec ? It doesn't exist anymore ?

- one of my plug-in compiled with no error, but when trying to load it,
I get :
[kernel] failure: unexpected exception
"Invalid_argument(\"Descr.of_structural: inconsistent descriptor\")"
  Any idea of how I can find the problem ?

Thanks in advance.