Pascal Cuoq - 10th Dec 2010

So it may seem that I have a pretty good job for having nothing more important to worry about —that may or may not be accurate— but I worry about the state of the Frama-C documentation in general and of the value analysis in particular.

I hate noticing that it's all so poorly organized that people use an undocumented -users option for the side-effect it has of initiating the value analysis. The feeling is the irritation of a compulsive optimizer faced with a stubbornly suboptimal system. You may or may not be familiar with the condition.

Being a compulsive optimizer does not mean that you have to be good at it. And there are quite a few of us who are trying to improve access to Frama-C information. Apparently documentation is significantly different from programming which we modestly are demigods at.

Pascal Cuoq
10th Dec 2010