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Cyberhackathon - Frama-C + Binsec - 28/04/23
André Maroneze on 27 March 2023

(This is an announcement for an event near Paris; first follows the French version, then an English version.) Si vous êtes près de Paris, venez au Cyber-hackathon Frama-C + Binsec, le 28/04 de 9h à 17h, au CEA List, dans le campus Paris-Saclay (Nano-Innov, 2 bd Thomas Gobert, 91120 Palaiseau)...

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SuperTest and Frama-C: a Clash of Titans
A. Maroneze (Frama-C), V. Yaglamunov & M. Beemster (Solid Sands) on 16 November 2022

This post has been co-written with Solid Sands; it is also available at the Solid Sands blog. Some time ago, the Frama-C team entered into a partner agreement with Solid Sands to make use of SuperTest, a very thorough test suite for C compilers and libraries. From basic syntactic tests...

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Frama-C appears on European Commission's Innovation Radar
Virgile Prevosto on 21 September 2017

tl;dr Frama-C is among the 10 innovative products selected in the “Tech for society” category. Be sure to cast your vote to help your favorite static analyzer making its way through the final in Budapest. Stance Project Between 2012 and 2016, CEA Tech List was the coordinator of the STANCE...

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Digital Technologies ANR Awards
Virgile Prevosto on 19 March 2013

In about a month, on April 17 and 18, ANR the French research agency will hold a meeting on digital technologies. On this occasion ANR will also give 5 awards to projects it has funded in the previous years. It is my pleasure to announce here that U3CAT which has...

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