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The restrict qualifier as an element of specification
Pascal Cuoq on 25 July 2012

An insightful interjection Stephen Canon, whose explanations about the fine points of floating-point I have appreciated on StackOverflow chimed in on the subject of the restrict qualifier. With minor edits for consistency with this blog's formatting: Consider memcpy(); its arguments are declared restrict. This not only means that the source...

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On memcpy (part 2: the OCaml source code approach)
Pascal Cuoq on 31 January 2011

When picking up the title for the previous post on function memcpy I anticipated this second part would describe the Frama_C_memcpy built-in function. The subtitle "part 1: the source code approach" seemed a good idea since the first part was about using C source code to tell the analyzer what...

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On memcpy (part 1: the source code approach)
Pascal Cuoq on 27 January 2011

memcpy() is one of the few functions standardized as part of C itself instead of an additional API. But that's not what makes it interesting from a static analysis point of view. I think what makes it interesting is that it is used often, and often for tasks that can...

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