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The overflow when converting from float to integer is undefined behavior
Pascal Cuoq on 9 October 2013

Integer overflows in C A previous post on this blog was a reminder that in C signed integer arithmetic overflow is undefined behavior. In contrast the behavior of overflows in conversions from integer type to signed integer type is implementation-defined. The C99 standard allows for an implementation-defined signal to be...

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Function pointers in C
Pascal Cuoq on 24 August 2013

This post contains a complete list of everything a C program can do with a function pointer, for a rather reasonable definition of “do”. Examples of things not to do with a function pointer are also provided. That list, in contrast, is in no way exhaustive. What a C program...

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Arithmetic overflows in Fluorine
Pascal Cuoq on 9 July 2013

There is a C quiz in the middle of this post, lost in the middle of all the reminiscing. A history of arithmetic overflows in Frama-C From the very beginnings in 2005, until after the first Open Source release in 2008, Frama-C's value analysis was assuming that all arithmetic overflows...

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Sign extension
Pascal Cuoq on 25 April 2013

There is no “sign extension” in C. Please stop referring to “sign extension” in C programs. In assembly, there is such a thing as “sign extension” Sign-extend is an assembly instruction say movsx %al %ebx to transfer the contents of a narrow register say %al to a wide register say...

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Portable modulo signed arithmetic operations
Pascal Cuoq on 26 February 2013

In a recent post, John Regehr reports on undefined behaviors in Coq! In Coq! Coq! Exclamation point! Coq is a proof assistant. It looks over your shoulder and tells you what remains to be done while you are elaborating a mathematical proof. Coq has been used to check that the...

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