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Final thoughts on the ICPC 2011 industrial challenge
Pascal Cuoq on 11 June 2011

I have received the review of my submission to the ICPC 2011 industrial challenge. If you have read the challenge description, you may remember that participating involved writing various fictional e-mails. In my submission, I skimped a bit on that part. Some of the e-mails I replaced by an e-mail...

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Fixing robots, part 1
Pascal Cuoq on 6 June 2011

This blog post is a revised version of part of my submission to the ICPC 2011 Industry Challenge. Please go ahead and read the challenge description. I could only paraphrase it without adding anything to it and so I won't. The study was made with the April development version of...

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Exploding robots
Pascal Cuoq on 21 May 2011

I should have said this earlier — others might have wanted to join in the fun — but I will be sending an entry to participate in the International Conference on Program Comprehension's Industrial Challenge. My write-up will appear here shortly after the submission deadline.

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Fixing robots, part 2
Pascal Cuoq on 20 May 2011

This post follows that post. For cases 2 and 3 in order to get more complete execution traces we again take advantage of Frama_C_dump_each(). Before launching the analysis we insert a call to this primitive right at the end of RoCo_process() so that local variables of that function will be...

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