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SATE VI Workshop: Frama-C satisfies the Ockham Criteria
André Maroneze on 2 October 2019

During the SATE VI Workshop, organized by the NIST SAMATE project, Frama-C was confirmed as having satisfied the Ockham criteria for sound analysis tools. Frama-C previously satisfied the SATE V Ockham criteria (2013-2016) and found hundreds of errors in the test material. We reported in this blog about our analysis...

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Finding unexpected bugs in the DARPA CGC corpus
André Maroneze on 26 February 2019

Recently, we’ve been running Frama-C/Eva on the DARPA challenges from the SATE VI Classic track tool evaluation, organized by NIST. The C programs come from a Linux-compatible port of the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge. The port was made by Trail of Bits and used as one of the evaluation sets...

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Frama-C/Eva in SATE VI with Juliet 1.3
André Maroneze on 15 November 2018

Frama-C chose to participate in the SATE VI Ockham Sound Analysis Criteria. With the upcoming Frama-C 18 (Argon) release, results can be reproduced using the open source version of the Eva plug-in. This post briefly presents SATE, the Juliet test suite, and the results obtained with Frama-C 18. We then...

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Short, difficult programs
Pascal Cuoq on 2 November 2012

When researchers start claiming that they have a sound and complete analyzer for predicting whether a program statement is reachable, it is time to build a database of interesting programs. Goldbach's conjecture My long-time favorite is a C program that verifies Goldbach's conjecture (actual program left as an exercise to...

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Exact Gap Computation for Code Coverage Metrics in ISO-C
Pascal Cuoq on 16 October 2012

Comparing static analysis tools is (still) difficult Earlier this year of 2012, some of my colleagues and I took the opportunity to point out that, as a research community, we are not doing a satisfactory job of comparing static analysis tools. This article and blog post were concerned with independent...

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