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Big round numbers, and a book review
Pascal Cuoq on 11 May 2013

Nearly 15 months ago, according to a past article, this blog celebrated its 15-month anniversary, and celebrated with the announcement of minor milestones having been reached: 100 articles and 50 comments. Fifteen months after that, the current count is nearly 200 articles and 200 comments. Also, the blog managed to...

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More big round numbers
Pascal Cuoq on 5 January 2012

This blog simultaneously passed the 100-posts and the 50-comments milestones, and also its 15-months birthday. Readers should now decide of future orientations. What does this blog need most? A norant tag, so that it's easy to subscribe to all posts but rants? A spivak tag, in order for Spivak pronouns...

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Big round number
Pascal Cuoq on 15 September 2011

The last post was the 64th in this blog. I just thought you should know that.

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