More big round numbers

Pascal Cuoq - 5th Jan 2012

This blog simultaneously passed the 100-posts and the 50-comments milestones, and also its 15-months birthday. Readers should now decide of future orientations. What does this blog need most?

  • A norant tag, so that it's easy to subscribe to all posts but rants?
  • A spivak tag, in order for Spivak pronouns fans to get easy access to all posts that use them?
  • And/or a nospivak tag, for subscribers who can't stand the Queen's English being disfigured so any longer?
  • Or should any conjunction of atoms and their negations be offered (you can make disjunctions of these by subscribing as many feeds as necessary)?

While I'm here commenting on the passage of time, I should also point out that C1X was finalized into C11 during the holidays. When I say \the standard" as in last post it will still mean "C99". I just know there's a joke in there."It's 2012 and I still don't check C11"? No. And don't click here if you are easily offended.

Pascal Cuoq
5th Jan 2012