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Floating-point quiz
Pascal Cuoq on 8 November 2011

Here is a little quiz you can use to test your C floating-point expertise. I have tried to write the examples below so that the results do not depend too much on the platform and compiler. This is theoretically impossible since C99 does not mandate IEEE 754 floating-point semantics, but...

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Fun with usual arithmetic conversions
Pascal Cuoq on 26 July 2011

A facetious colleague reports the following program as a bug: int main () { signed char c=0; while(1) c++; return 0; } The commandline frama-c -val -val-signed-overflow-alarms charpp.c, he says, does not emit any alarm for the c++; instruction. Indeed, the c++; above is equivalent to c = (signed char)...

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C99 promotion rules: what ?!
Pascal Cuoq on 11 April 2011

I reported bug 785 after getting three-quarters sure that the problem was in Frama-C (I used two different versions of GCC as oracles). I still cannot believe how twisted integer promotion rules are in C99. I had read them before but I had not followed the precise path I followed...

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