Frama-C appears on European Commission's Innovation Radar

Virgile Prevosto - 21st Sep 2017


Frama-C is among the 10 innovative products selected in the “Tech for society” category. Be sure to cast your vote to help your favorite static analyzer making its way through the final in Budapest.

Stance Project

Between 2012 and 2016, CEA Tech List was the coordinator of the STANCE project, funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7). The main goal of STANCE was to show how formal verification tools, including of course Frama-C, could be used for assessing security properties in sensitive programs.

Among many other results, the project has seen the development of various Frama-C plug-ins by CEA Tech List, including Frama-Clang, E-ACSL, EVA, WP, Slicing and From. Other partners (Dassault Aviation, Thales, Technical University of Graz, and Infineon) did use Frama-C over their own, and wrote themselves a certain number of plug-ins to help their analyses, while Search Labs provided a plug-in to combine Frama-C with their own fuzz testing tool, Flinder, in order to generate test cases triggering an alarm emitted by Value Analysis. Finally, Trusted Labs evaluated the benefits brought by Frama-C in the context of a Common Criteria security evaluation.

EC’s Innovation Radar

All in all, it seems that the project was evaluated very positively by the European Commission, which has just selected Frama-C among the 10 best innovators in the Tech for Society category. We would like to thank all the participants to the STANCE project for this great achievement, and we hope that is a good omen for STANCE’s successor, VESSEDIA, which gather many partners already present in STANCE and is more directed towards safety and security in industrial control systems.

Call to the Public

Now, our presence in this list is not the end. Indeed, a public vote will now select 4 finalists who will defend their project in November in Budapest, where a jury will choose the winner. If you think that cybersecurity is important and formal methods such as advocated by Frama-C should play a major role in it, don’t hesitate to cast your vote (and share the link in all social networks you’re connected to, of course). In the mean time, if you have project ideas in which Frama-C could fit, we would of course be glad to hear from you.

Virgile Prevosto
21st Sep 2017