Frama-C and ACSL are on GitHub

André Maroneze - 22nd Nov 2016

We are glad to announce the creation of official GitHub repositories for Frama-C and ACSL, to stimulate contributions from the community, and to better contribute back to it.

Frama-C is on GitHub

Frama-C now (in fact, since a few months) has an official GitHub repository:

It contains snapshots of each Frama-C release, starting from Hydrogen all the way up to Aluminium. It also contains a branch for release candidates.

Issues and pull requests can be submitted via GitHub, for those who prefer it to MantisBT’s interface (which remains the official Frama-C bug tracker).

ACSL is also on GitHub

On a related note, a new repository for the ACSL documentation has also been created:

Previously, documentation issues (typos, updates, etc.) had to be reported to the Frama-C bug tracking system, which was not ideal, since ACSL is not part of Frama-C, even if Frama-C is currently ACSL’s largest user.

This new repository, which is now the official channel for the ACSL language specification, will help evolve it, by giving contributors direct access to the source code, and allowing faster creation of issues and pull requests with updates (typos, corrections, etc.).

André Maroneze
22nd Nov 2016