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A mini-tutorial of ACSL specifications for Value
André Maroneze on 23 September 2016

(with the collaboration of F. Kirchner, V. Prevosto and B. Yakobowski) Users of the Value plugin often need to use functions for which there is no available code, or whose code could be abstracted away. In such cases, ACSL specifications often come in handy. Our colleagues at Fraunhofer prepared the...

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Pascal Cuoq on 4 February 2014

Jesse Ruderman on assertions and fuzzing Jesse Ruderman has published a blog post on assertions and how they complement fuzzing. Key quote: “Fuzzers make things go wrong. Assertions make sure we find out.” Readers of this blog are accustomed to me talking about differential testing where a reference result (say...

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Post-conditions and names of arguments
Pascal Cuoq on 17 January 2014

In an ACSL post-condition, any reference to the name of one of the function's arguments is assumed to refer to the initial value of the argument. /* ensures arg == 1; */ void f(int arg) { arg = 1; } For instance, in function f above, Frama-C's value analysis plug-in...

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Debugging with WP
Virgile Prevosto on 6 November 2012

Initial setting So, I was checking a small demo of the WP plug-in the other day, just before making a presentation of Frama-C to some future fellow user. This was the traditional binary_search verification presented in the Berlin training session in 2010 but using the WP plugin instead of Jessie....

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assume and assert
Pascal Cuoq on 3 August 2012

The previous post links to a message [removed dead link] from Michał Moskal highlighting ACSL constructs that the VCC developers at Microsoft Research had either regretted the absence of or found superfluous while re-designing their own annotation language for VCC. In that e-mail the third item in the “missing” list...

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