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Penultimate donut post: the function compute() is safe
Pascal Cuoq on 19 September 2011

Do two jobs, and do them well In the previous post, I used the command: $ cat log? | grep \N " | sort | uniq This may be an inefficient way to get a list of unique lines containing "N ". The command sort does not know that it...

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Probably safe donut
Pascal Cuoq on 17 September 2011

Introduction In the first post in the obfuscated animated donut series my colleague Anne pointed out that: The alarm about : assert \valid(". -~:;=!*#$@"+tmp_7); seems strange because the analysis tells us that tmp_7 ∈ [0..40] at this point... How can this be valid ? It is only safe to use...

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Fun with constants
Pascal Cuoq on 9 September 2011

Another facetious colleague reports a strange behavior with the following C program: int main (void) { int x = 100; int y = 042; int z = 005; printf (\%d" x+y+z); return (x+y+z) - 147; }

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Fun with usual arithmetic conversions
Pascal Cuoq on 26 July 2011

A facetious colleague reports the following program as a bug: int main () { signed char c=0; while(1) c++; return 0; } The commandline frama-c -val -val-signed-overflow-alarms charpp.c, he says, does not emit any alarm for the c++; instruction. Indeed, the c++; above is equivalent to c = (signed char)...

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