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Rounding float to nearest integer, part 2
Pascal Cuoq on 3 May 2013

The previous post offered to round a positive float to the nearest integer represented as a float through a conversion back and forth to 32-bit unsigned int. There was also the promise of at least another method. Thanks to reader feedback there will be two. What was intended to be...

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Harder than it looks: rounding float to nearest integer, part 1
Pascal Cuoq on 2 May 2013

This post is the first in a series on the difficult task of rounding a floating-point number to an integer. Laugh not! The easiest-looking questions can hide unforeseen difficulties, and the most widely accepted solutions can be wrong. Problem Consider the task of rounding a float to the nearest integer....

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A conversionless conversion function
Pascal Cuoq on 1 May 2013

A rant about programming interview questions Software development is a peculiar field. An applicant for a more traditionally artistic position would bring a portfolio to eir job interview: a selection of creations ey deems representative of eir work and wants to be judged by. But in the field of software...

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Correct rounding or mathematically-correct rounding?
Pascal Cuoq on 3 March 2013

CRlibm is a high-quality library of floating-point elementary functions. We used it as reference a long time ago in this blog while looking at lesser elementary function implementations and the even lesser properties we could verify about them. A bold choice The CRlibm documentation contains this snippet: […] it may...

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