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Seriously, Go?
Pascal Cuoq on 11 December 2012

I used to be curious about the D programming language. D had been pitched to me as “C done right”. Even before I had time to look at it though someone on StackOverflow was having an issue that stemmed from constant floating-point expressions being evaluated at compile-time with different semantics...

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Syntax appropriateness
Pascal Cuoq on 1 December 2012

I know! Let us make [ and ] function as meta-characters when in code style. Users will surely love the ability to insert hyperlinks inside the code they are writing a blog post about. —The authors of the Content Management System this blog relies on In the previous post, (float){…},...

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Pascal Cuoq on 26 November 2012

A remark I have not heard about the last two posts is the following. Pascal, how can you, in your last post claim that formal verification would have found the bug in your decimal-to-floating-point function? This is the kind of outrageous claim you rant against in your penultimate post! Formal...

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About the rounding error in these Patriot missiles
Pascal Cuoq on 18 November 2012

An old rant: misusing Ariane 5 in motivation slides I was lucky to be an intern and then a PhD student at INRIA, while it was still called “INRIA” (it is now called “Inria”). This was about when researchers at INRIA and elsewhere were taken to task to understand the...

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Exact Gap Computation for Code Coverage Metrics in ISO-C
Pascal Cuoq on 16 October 2012

Comparing static analysis tools is (still) difficult Earlier this year of 2012, some of my colleagues and I took the opportunity to point out that, as a research community, we are not doing a satisfactory job of comparing static analysis tools. This article and blog post were concerned with independent...

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