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To finish on termination
Pascal Cuoq on 8 June 2012

Enthusiastic reactions to the previous post about verifying the termination of a C program with Frama-C's value analysis lead me to write this post-scriptum. On detecting both termination and non-termination The scheme I outlined in the previous post can only confirm the termination of the program. If the program does...

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The value analysis propagation order is inscrutable
Pascal Cuoq on 28 April 2012

Frama-C has a mailing-list. It's a place people visit for free to complain that they are not getting the quality, technical, detailed answers that they deserve, and to tell us what our priorities should be. I expressed my opinion about the mailing list a long time ago in this very...

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Overflow alarms vs informative messages about 2's complement
Pascal Cuoq on 27 March 2012

A privately sent question may deserve a quick blog post. Context The example is as below: int x, y, s; main(){ x = Frama_C_interval(0, 2000000000); y = 1000000000; s = x + y; Frama_C_dump_each(); } Sorry for all the zeroes. There are nine of them in each large constant, so...

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So many programs to verify, so little time
Pascal Cuoq on 19 March 2012

This post offers two C programs that look analyzable. Each is self-contained, not so small that verification is trivial, but not so big that it's a man-year effort. If it was me doing the work, I would see what Frama-C's value analysis can do, but if you decide to do...

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