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From Facebook to Silent Circle, through the “metrics” Frama-C plug-in
Pascal Cuoq on 16 February 2013

From Facebook to Silent Circle Some computers at Facebook were recently compromised because of a zero-day in Java. Nothing unexpected. Last december instead of writing a full blog post I lazily linked to Robert Graham predicting this sort of thing for the year 2013. Speaking of Facebook do you know...

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ENSL seminar
Pascal Cuoq on 1 February 2013

Seminar As anticipated, I was at my alma mater's student seminar last tuesday. School and seminar were very much like I remembered them. The latter was improved by orange juice and biscuits to chat around after the talk, that I do not think were part of the protocol when I...

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Why verify zlib?
Pascal Cuoq on 14 January 2013

As an interlude in the zlib verification thread, this post asks two questions. Is there any chance of finding a bug in zlib, and does it matter? Could there be a bug in zlib? It is not entirely impossible. The previous post in this blog pointed to a relatively minor...

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Software obsolescence and security
Pascal Cuoq on 31 December 2012

A couple of months ago, I packed a computer into a brown plastic bag of the kind usually used for trash. I then carried the carefully packed computer down to the basement. Physically, the computer still works. It is still beautiful (it is an iMac G4). It has been with...

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December in Security
Pascal Cuoq on 30 December 2012

Robert Graham, of the blog Errata Security, predicts that “vulnerabilities in Acrobat Reader Adobe Flash and Java today […] will be announced and patched in 2013”. As fate would have it he could safely have included Internet Explorer 8 in his list of software products used by millions to process...

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