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Code smells smell
Pascal Cuoq on 17 July 2012

This blog post is on the subject of “code smells” and what is wrong with them. I initially wanted to go with the title “Code smells are crap”. That made it clearer that the title was grammatically a sentence, with “code smells” a nominal group followed by a verb. But...

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Public announcements
Pascal Cuoq on 14 January 2012

Yes, I have read that static analysis post If you are one of the three persons in the world who have not sent me a link to John Carmack's Christmas post on static analysis [removed dead link] go ahead and read it it might interest you. You can stop sending...

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Static analysis benchmarks
Pascal Cuoq on 10 January 2012

Reminiscing The first benchmark Frama-C's value analysis was ever evaluated on was the Verisec suite, described in "A buffer overflow benchmark for software model checkers". My colleague Géraud Canet was doing the work thence the facetious-colleagues tag of this post. In retrospect Verisec was a solid piece of work. Being...

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Static analysis tools comparisons
Pascal Cuoq on 25 November 2011

It is very easy to make snap judgments about other static analyzers when you are yourself working on one. You do not even need to act in bad faith: you just try the other tools on the programs that you worked hard to give interesting results on — difficult examples,...

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Features in Frama-C Nitrogen, part 1
Pascal Cuoq on 14 October 2011

Here is a series of posts that highlight interesting features in the recently released Frama-C Nitrogen 20111001. There is new functionality in Nitrogen, that we hope will entice both existing and prospective users. Other improvements yet will only have meaning for existing users. I will start off with two items...

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